Full Caravan Awning Sizing - How To

Full Caravan Awning

Full caravan awnings are designed to wrap all the way around the caravans awning rail. This is the measurement you will need to get the full awning size right. This measurement is essential to getting your awning to fit correctly. The easiest way to find out this measurement is to grab your caravan instruction manual, if you have one, look for the page that gives all the caravan dimensions. Normally listed under either ‘Awning Size’ or ‘A’ Measurement, you will find the measurement needed, record this value in centimetres and used it to find a full awning that will fit your make & model perfectly.

If you don't have a manual to hand, No Problems, just follow the instructions below to gain the correct measurements needed, it's important to get this right & once done you will have the size forever.

How to Measure for Your New Full Caravan Awning.

How to Measure for Your Caravan Awning

1: Place a peg in the ground directly under your caravans awning rail at point A

2: Fix a Ball of String,Thin Rope or a Ball of Wool to the Peg Placed at Point A

3: Feed the String, Rope or Wool carefully around the Caravans Awning Rail until you reach point B, making sure to go down to ground level.

4: Once you are sure that the String, Rope or Wool goes from The Ground at Point A to The Ground at Point B Cut the twine at ground level.

5: Remove the String, Rope or Wool from the the Caravan Awning Rail and measure the full length of the String, Rope or Wool, if it appears to long to measure you can fold the String, Rope or Wool in half and then measure multiplying by two to give the overall length.

6: Record this measurement in Centimetres and this is your Full Caravan Awning Size, keep this safe and you will not have do this measurement again.

7: Take the height measurement from Point D to Point C, this is from ground level to the highest point of your awning rail, record this measurement with your Caravan Awning Size as above.

All caravan awning manufacturers make their range of awnings available to fit a size range. For example:

A Full Awning Measurement of 920cm would require a full awning size of 900-925cm
A Full Awning Measurement of 1035cm would require a full awning size of 1025-1050cm

The sizing number issued by manufacturers is a very rough guide only, we would recommend always going by the sizing range recommend by the manufacturer as above

That's it, you now have all the information needed to go and buying a great awning, view our full range here.

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