Caravan Hitch Locks

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One of the best caravan security solutions, Hitch Locks prevent your caravan from being towed away by unauthorised vehicles. A great idea to install when on site as the last thing you want is to come back to find that your van has gone. Enjoy those days out with peace of mind that your investment is safe...

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Universal Coupling Hitch Lock

Universal Coupling Hitch...

Best Price £13.43
Trailer Hitch Lock Bag

Trailer Hitch Lock Bag

Best Price £2.99
Trailer Hitch Coupling

Trailer Hitch Coupling

Best Price £33.98
Super Heavy Duty Hitchlock

Super Heavy Duty Hitchlo...

Best Price £78.95
Trailer/Caravan Hitchlock

Trailer/Caravan Hitchloc...

Best Price £19.95
Compact Eagle Hitchlock

Compact Eagle Hitchlock

Best Price £79.99
Heavy Duty Caravan Hitchlock

Heavy Duty Caravan Hitch...

Best Price £24.06

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