Mains Hookup

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Products for all your Caravan, Motor Home and Camping mains hook up needs. it is always a good idea to keep an eye on any mains electrical hook up connections and replace any damaged or corroded products before use. We stock a large range of equipment all at great prices, with many more being added daily...

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Cable Tidy Reel

Cable Tidy Reel

Best Price £9.25
Uk Main Hook Up Adaptor

Uk Main Hook Up Adaptor

Best Price £6.68
Camping Site Mains Supply Unit 3 Outlet

Camping Site Mains Suppl...

Best Price £36.94
Mains Cable Carry Bag

Mains Cable Carry Bag

Best Price £6.48
Caravan Mains Cable Tidy

Caravan Mains Cable Tidy...

£9.95 £8.99
25m 230v Caravan Hook Up Mains Extension Cable

25m 230v Caravan Hook Up...

£39.99 £28.99
Mains to 12V Adaptor from Kampa

Mains to 12V Adaptor fro...

Best Price £18.43
Electric Hook Up Cable Extension Lead

Electric Hook Up Cable E...

Best Price £19.95

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