Dehumidifier & Moisture Trap

Dehumidifier & Moisture Trap
Dehumidifier & Moisture Trap Dehumidifier & Moisture Trap (click images to enlarge)
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 Description of Dehumidifier & Moisture Trap

The Caravan Store are pleased to stock the famous Pingi i-Dry XL Dehumidifier & Moisture Trap.  Ideal for use in your home, motorhome or caravan.

  • The Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier is an incredibly durable and easy-to-use moisture absorber.
  • The Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier removes damp without mains electricity or batteries. Time to recharge? It only takes a brief stay in the power point.
  • Pingi is a new generation of moisture traps that effectively combat condensation, musty odours and moisture. In this way, pingi contributes to a healthier environment. Pingi reduces the relative humidity inside closed spaces.
  • The Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier is reusable, non-toxic, colourless and easily rechargeable. It saves you money, is environmentally friendly and is safe for people (children) and animals.

Compared to traditional electric dehumidifiers i-Dry is extremely versatile, it does not require any batteries or trailing wires making it ideal for use in small areas such as drawers, storage boxes and cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves, car boots, bathrooms and on window sills- in fact anywhere a power source may not be easily accessible!

Can be used in all sorts of badly ventilated spaces in your home, caravan or motorhome. The large surface allows for effective dehumidification. The handy included clothing hanger allows for easy use in closets. As there is no leakage during use, i-Dry can be safely put to use to protect even your most delicate clothing. As no electricity is needed during dehumidification, i-Dry can even be used in your car or boat.

Now with a 5 year warranty!

Usage and Advise
Pingi i-Dry is very convenient to use. The built in indicator allows consumers to easily determine the moment recharging is required. Nothing could be easier; plug the device into the wall-socket and the recharging mechanism is activated. A few hours later the i-Dry will again be ready for use.
Absorption capacity is 200cc.


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